Published Papers & Presentations

Published Papers & Presentations

Algebra Readiness and Algebraic Structure as Foundational Ideas for Algebraic Learning

David Feikes, William S. Walker III, Natalie McGathey, Bir Kafle (2022)

This theoretical research brief uses Kaput’s (2008) definition of algebra to describe algebra readiness and algebraic structure as they relate to thinking about algebra and thinking with algebra. Algebra readiness and algebraic structure have been core ideas in our curriculum development work to help students develop conceptual understandings of algebra.

Thinking With Algebra: A Project & Perspective

David Feikes, Bir Kafle, Natalie McGathey, William S. Walker III (2021)

Thinking with Algebra (TWA) is a project to develop algebra curriculum for college classes. The overall goal is to develop curricular materials that will help prepare students conceptually for college algebra. The project is described and the importance of algebraic structure as a theoretical consideration is explained.

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